Custom made Saas for restaurant services


Wmobil is an app that helps the restaurant owners to see the financial metrics in real time also when they aren't at the restaurant. The business focuses on create reports to allow the customer to see more data and let them take better decisions for their business. 


Wmobil wanted to have an app that connects with the most popular restaurant software in latam Softrestaurant. So the restaurant owner could have all the information of their restaurants in their pocket. Also they wanted to have functionalities such as billing, more than 5 reports and several dashboards inside the app. 

Wmobil wanted to solve a big problem with software. Inowu helped with that big goal.  



Inowu developed an app with custom code that allowed Wmobil to connect every customer with Softrestaurant (Software). We provided to the business owners all the dashboards and the billing capability while presenting all the information in an easy reading way.

We couldn’t reach the goal if we didn’t have such a great team. 


In the last year wmobil helped more than 5000 business owners to make better financial decisions every day. Inowu helped to create the UX (User experience), Backend and front end of the app. 

We successfully reached the goal.

Inowu has been a great team for the company. They helped us to design and built our app without problems.

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