GM E-shop

Professional custom made e-commerce for electronics.


GM E-shop is an e-commerce dedicated to selling smartphones, wearables and more electronics. It has over 5 years of experience in the market and has a wide range of brands and models for any customer.


GM E-shop has scaled its sales through different online marketplaces over the years. This has allowed them to gain credibility on the market, however by being in marketplaces most of the times its margins had to be really inferior to compete between the other sellers.

The founders of GM E-shop decided that they needed to have their own e-commerce site that would enable them to sell directly to customers and achieve higher profitability.

They requested our INOWU team to develop a highly customized site, in order to compete and satisfy the demands in accessibility and functions that buyers were used to buying at GM E-shop in marketplaces.


INOWU developed a powerful e-commerce custom fit for GM-shop that allowed them to control and automatize their inventory. We knew that the site had to have all the powerful functions such as reviews, customization, fulfillment notifications and payments flexibility that make marketplaces so attractive. 

We made sure that the percentage fees would be to the minimum, in order to achieve GM E-shop’s goal of profitability.


GM E-shop today is selling 40% of its inventory through its own e-commerce thanks to INOWU, achieving a higher level of profit and a great experience for its loyal customers. It has allowed them to target its broad audience through ads that don't deviate by watching other sellers.

The website has all the features of an e-commerce site thanks to INOWU's work. The team communicated regularly with daily meetings and was flexible with requests.

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