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Direxio is a young consultancy company that offers support through consulting services. Its work and methodologies impact businesses owners that are new in the fields of administration, mkt and finances. 


Direxio had a great impact through presencial meetings and advisory. However, the founding team knew that it was time to evolve and expand its reach to digital communication. Going live on the internet was the best opportunity to reach a broader market far from its geographical limitations. That is why they need to develop a website where they could attract their current customers and obtain new ones. 


The team of Inowu began to develop according to Direxio’s vision of the website. Automatic appointment calendarization, digital workshops and courses of their area of expertise were some of the key functions that we suggested to meet Direxio’s vision. 


Direxio today is growing to be one of the best consultancy firms of its region. Also it has acquired students for its digital workshops from all over Mexico. This thanks to the team of INOWU that coded into reality the vision of direxio’s main communication channel for new business prospects.

We are really thankful with INOWU, they were really involved in the project and surpassed our expectations.

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