Courses platform for business owners to master taxes, labor and social security.


Cadefi is a company with more than 10 years of experience, dedicated to tax, labor and social security training, with the single purpose of serving enterprise professionals to be able to perform with a greater quality and efficiency in their work environment. 


Before Inowu, Cadefi would train its professionals through presencial workshops and conferences. Which made it extremely expensive and non-scalable.

Some time before the pandemic, the company decided to bring its knowledge to the web through a courses portal. 

With the intention of providing a more personalized user experience for its students we developed a platform that would allow CADEFI experts to upload video courses and have live streams for virtual conferences. Expanding its market all over Mexico.


Inowu assembled a team with different tech profiles, to design the frontend and backend that would be friendly for the users as for the admin, on their dashboard.

In this line of business, communities opting to have their own courses platform are able to define and implement customer loyalty, facilitating recurrent memberships and payments.


Over the course of the past two years, CADEFI has grown to 40,000 members since it opened its knowledge through the web. We’ve helped CADEFI create, personalize and improve its platform while generating more profit with its new revenue lines that are built with its community feedback all over Mexico. This project is not only ongoing but continues to grow in team size and scope, allowing us to help our client to permanently offer a personalized product to the customers of the many different users that join its community of business owners.

Inowu became a great ally for the expansion of our company through an online platform.

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