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Bullground is an online finance and investing education platform in Latam that is helping people to invest their money and get positive returns. They offer online courses so the students can access at any time. They have more than 1500 students all over the world.


Bullground wanted to have a reliable platform so their students could have a great experience while seeing the courses, having an easy way to look for any topic inside the platform.

But Bullground hadn’t great experiencies with other enterprises so they cannot grow their community until they hired Inowu.  

They requested our Inowu team to develop a highly customized platform, with functionalities like billing, video holders, games inside the platform, a way to count points every time an alumni completes a course and a place where the can have private live streaming.


Inowu developed a fully custom platform that allowed bullground to control all the content that is inside the platform. We knew that they hosted a lot of people every month so we were very careful with all the details to eradicate bugs.

We made sure that everything works perfectly. 


At the end we delivered all the functionalities on the platform and Bullground was able to increase their community more than 500% in the next 3 months of the delivery. Allowing bullground to achieve all their financial and impact goals. 

Working with Inowu has been a great experience with a lot of communication a the best results I could ask for Leo Vilchis -CEO Bullgorund-
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